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Applied Microsystems has provided its clients with the latest and most-dependable technologies in the rapidly changing data protection industry. Our clients range from small business offices to corporations and government agencies. Our customer-focused solutions and outstanding personal support have won customers and saved data in many different industries.

Redundant backup to disk is the current industry trend and will be the way to go for years to come. However many of our customers prefer tape-based backup. For these reasons we currently offer both types of data backup solutions.


  • Secure, encrypted data transfer
  • Meets compliance regulations
  • Scalable
  • Cost Effective
  • Fast Transfer Speeds
  • Redundant data backup specific internet connections
  • Disaster contingency plans
  • Tape backup available upon request

Our Data Protection Partners


Secure, Fast, & Reliable

Our data vaults are state-of-the-art facilities in various location throughout the United States. They are protected by 24-hour security guards, remote monitoring equipment, and electronic security systems. All facilities are housed in controlled environments with redundant internet connections, custom air conditioning systems, backup power systems, and fire detection and suppression systems. You can trust AMI for your data protection needs.

Offsite/Disk Backup vs. Tape Backup

Single/small files can be quickly and easily located and restored within seconds95 percent of requests to restore data are for small files or documents. These take 30 minutes or more, because the tape must first be located and reinstalled.
Multiple backup and restore tasks can run concurrently. Tapes don't allow for backup during a restore, nor can a restore be performed during backup.
Data is stored offsite, but restored quickly and easily online. Offsite tapes must be retrieved to allow a restore.
If appropriate, granular user permissions can be set to allow users to restore their own files. IT staff must spend valuable time performing restores for users.
Fully automated. The potential for human error is removed, assuring that data at remote sites is safely backed up.Remote sites (especially small ones) are a problem. There is always a risk the backup will not be performed if an employee forgets to change the tape before they leave for the day.
IT staff can perform a data restore remotely.On-call IT staff often must come in to the office to oversee restores on nights and weekends.
More frequent schedules can ensure that laptops are backed up when the user connects to the network.It's hard to back up laptop computers, especially if they frequently disconnected from the corporate network.
Backs up files that have been changed. It compresses the data and eliminates common files. This dramatically reduces the time it takes to back up the data.A tape solution typically requires a complete backup of all the data, including duplicated files and old data, every day. That creates problems performing the backups within the required backup window.
Encrypted data is held on a RAID-5 disk array. The most sophisticated tape schedules can still be disrupted due to tape drive failure, tape capacity, sickness, holidays and manual error.
Needs no daily maintenance to ensure backups run. Tape is a fragile, non-encrypted medium with the potential to be corrupted.
After it is encrypted and compressed, data is transferred securely offsite immediately.Data isn't immediately offsite - often not removed until the following day.
Pricing is based on usage. Expensive per-server licensing makes budgeting difficult.
You pay as you grow – only pay for what you use, when you use it.There are often hidden costs to expand tape library hardware, upgrade software or add media.

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