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eWorX SiteManager is a powerful web content management system providing users with simple management, a logical interface and modular design, making management of your organization's digital assets -from PDF documents to web pages and e-newsletters- a task distributed across your organization.

Currently used by a wide variety of enterprises and organizations, SiteManager enables distributed developers, designers, and content editors to collaboratively produce, manage, and leverage content to achieve strategic business objectives - from publishing web pages to emailing newsletters.

The browser-based interfaces allow managers to assume full control of content on the site and distribute the tasks of keeping information updated tho those involved with it on a day-to-day basis. Because SiteManger is a web-based solution, customers do not incur the additional costs of hardware, software, maintenance and management of their content management system, making the investment a fraction of the cost of typical in-house systems. Furthermore, SiteManager customers all benefit from the state-of-the-art technologies that define Applied Microsystems' Anchorage and Seattle data centers.

"SiteManager is a great tool for managing our website. It's easy to use and not complicated like some other tools we've tried. We choose SiteManager because it gets the job done." - Steven M.


Designed for organizations
that are...

  • Trying to efficiently manage their information online.
  • Trying to provide a secure, easy way for multiple staff persons to edit the website.
  • Seeking to limit their internet development costs.
  • Lacking the IT resources to create and/or manage their web site.
  • Seeking a way to edit their site from any place in the world with an internet connection.

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Features & Business Benefits

Separate editing and publishing workspaces

Pages must often be changed and proofed multiple times before they are ready to publish. In SiteManager, page changes are not 'live' until published, providing added security that new content isn't released unecessarily.


Full versioning and archiving

Every edit is versioned and every publish is archived. Should you need to roll back to an earlier version of either the edited or the published page, it is a simple two-click process.


Defined roles and groups

Each SiteManager installation has its own personalized structure depending on the content and the organizational setup. System Administrators can manage groups and users as necessary. Group Administrators manage users of the their specific groups, and editors perform the day-to-day tasks of updating content on the site.


Mixed document support

SiteManager supports most document types: from Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PDF files to video and audio files of multiple formats.


Template-based web design

Templates give a site its unique identity. Consistency in this regard is important. By implementing a template-based design, content editors are freed from the burden and concern of template layout and can concentrate on their specific task: content. By utilizing templates, a site redesign or customization can be simply activated via mouse click.


Modular system design

By creating SiteManager with a modular design, users select from a menu of applications for use in their implementation. When new modules are available, they can be added to any installation.


Available Modules


Interested in SiteManager?

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