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eQPL Overview

Qualified Products Lists

All states currently use a "Qualified Products List" or QPL, as a method for identifying products that have been approved for use in DOT construction. These products range from bridge piers and guardrails to paint and cones, and they must often meet strict engineering performance criteria and regulatory specifications. For a DOT, keeping track of all this information is a considerable burden for their agency, a process that is typically labor intensive and inefficient.

How eQPL Helps

eQPL provides the means for DOTs to streamline and speed up all of this processing, by allowing manufacturers and product representatives to submit their materials' product information to a central website, where they enter all product specifications, documents, drawings and photographs, etc. eQPL's automated workflow then manages the complete business process from application submission through final approval. DOT reviewers receive the applications, review them and enter comments. Then the system forwards the application to the appropriate engineers and project managers for final approvals.

Security & Efficiency

All information entered is tracked and processed via a fast, secure Internet system. While labor and cost savings are key incentives for using eQPL, several additional benefits are realized, such as improved accuracy, efficiency, completion, and timeliness, etc. Overall, the entire QPL process results in dramatic improvements over existing paper-based and mail-based systems.


eQPL was built for real-time QPL collaboration between Departments of Transportation, Manufacturers, and Contractors


  • Web-based
  • No paper processing
  • No postal handling
  • Minimal administrative work
  • No training required
  • Simple setup - hosted or installed
  • Inexpensive - lease or purchase
  • Secure

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