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When your industrial organization wants to apply technology to increase efficiency, reliability, and safety while reducing costs, be sure that you have the right solution to the right problem before you commit. Our staff has helped companies large and small to analyze their needs, assess the potential benefits, identify solutions, then verify that these solutions will work in their environment and that the benefits will actually be realized before making large investments.

We have helped Fortune 10 companies assess technologies from asset tracking to personnel safety, from satellite surveillance to solar energy. Sometimes we've had to say, "No, here is why this technology will not meet your needs - don't spend the money." Other times we've found ways to improve on vendors' proposed solutions, or discovered additional benefits well beyond what anyone expected.

If you are considering applying technology to improve your industrial operations, let the experts at AMI work with you to ensure that your money will be well spent.

The Process

  • Document Needs & Requirements
  • Prepare Business Case
  • Research Potential Solutions
  • Conduct Procurement Process
  • Thoroughly Test Proposed Solution(s)
  • Manage Implementation

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Case Studies

Automated Materials Inventory & Tracking

A global energy company's materials management group needed to cut costs by $1,000,000/year and drastically improve confidence in the supply chain leading to their offshore production facilities. They wanted to enable these improvements with technologies that improve safety, streamline tasks and processes and provide real-time visibility of the location and status of materials. Learn more.


WiFi Asset Tracking

Asset tracking can lead to enormous savings in industrial environments such as oil fields and refineries. Examples include ensuring rental equipment is removed from job sites expediently, reducing the amount of equipment needed overall, and reducing time spent searching for equipment. Learn more.


Aircraft Tracking & Communications

Prior to this project, a large petroleum products company's pipeline control center only knew the position of aircraft within several hours, which equates to several hundred miles. If an aircraft went down, the search radius would be too large to facilitate a quick rescue. Additionally, communications between the dispatchers and the aircraft were very unreliable. Learn more.


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Call us to learn more about AMI's capabilities within the Industrial sector. We strive towards building successful and long-lasting partnerships.

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